Whether you’re building brand awareness, engaging an audience around relevant content, or developing a sustained user experience, our solutions are designed to meet any marketing goal along the customer journey.

Our Engagement Tactics

brand awareness

Brand Awareness

Create awareness of your company, brand, or product among key audience segments through:

  • Run-of-Site Banners
  • Enewsletter Ads
  • Journal Advertising
  • Ad Pages
  • Cover Tips
  • Marketing Distribution
  • Outserts
audience engagement

Audience Engagement

Sponsorship packages highlight your brand alongside highly relevant educational content to nurture your audience, drive adoption of your products, and build a competitive block:

  • Targeted Messaging Based on Audience Behavior
  • Enewsletter Ads
  • Topic Resource Centers
  • Conference Coverage
  • Diagnostic Champions’ Challenge game
User Experience

User Experience

Sustain the user experience and build deep engagement through long-form messages and content syndication, utilizing our proprietary Super-Profiling system. Programs include:

  • eBlasts
  • Webinars
  • Content Syndication Landing Pages (Infocenter, In-Sites)
  • PEARL Programs (Moderated Peer Exchanges)
  • Custom Print Supplements

These are only some of our capabilities – to learn how we can develop a custom strategy to meet your marketing needs, please contact insights@ubm.com.