UBM Medica’s brings together the entire spectrum of decision-makers within the healthcare industry — from policy makers, to the physicians making treatment decisions, all the way to fulfilling prescriptions at the pharmacy level.

We serve these communities through a variety of print, digital, and mobile offerings.

UBM Medica serves the entire spectrum of healthcare decision-makers through print, digital, and mobile offerings.

  • Practical Cardiology
  • Medical Economics
  • Partner Alliance
  • Contemporary Pediatrics
  • Dental Products Report
  • Digital Esthetics
  • Modern Dental Executive
  • Modern Hygienist
  • Drug Topics
  • Formulary Watch
  • Cosmetic Surgery Times
  • Dermatology Times
  • Medical Economics
  • Physicians Practice
  • Endocrinology Network
  • Partner Alliance
  • ConsultantLive
  • Medical Economics
  • Physicians Practice
  • Ophthalmology Times
  • Ophthalmology Times Europe
  • Optometry Times
  • Psychiatric Times
  • Managed Healthcare Executive
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Urology Times
  • Rheumatology Network
  • Neurology Times
  • Contemporary OB/GYN
  • Cancer Network
  • ONCOLOGY journal
  • OncoTherapy Network
  • TheONC

Interested in reaching providers in specialties such as cardiology, pulmonology and gastroenterology? Learn more about the UBM Medica Partner Alliance.