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Reaching Beyond the Rx

Traditionally, healthcare marketers have used prescription data to make sure they’re reaching physicians who are most likely to influence use of their products. But, what value – if any – is there in the ability to target by diagnosis or procedure? Is your message actually reaching the gamut of key influencers?

Here are three trends to consider when marketing to healthcare providers:

Group practices are on the rise
Primary physicians have easier access to a variety of specialists, leading to increased communication and collaboration that can impact their patient’s treatment plan.

Importance of care coordination
Especially with government incentives, healthcare coordination among providers is more important than ever – which means treatment plans may be influenced by specialties not part of the traditional care model.

Influence of NPs and PAs
As practices are under pressure to increase patient access at lower costs, NPs and PAs are being empowered to take on a more involved role in care.

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